Md Enamul Kabir


rony2Md. Enamul Kabir (Nick Name-Rony) is brought up at a small town of Kotchandpur in Jhenaidah district and currently based in Dhaka. When he came Dhaka in 2002, he didn’t feel any interest about Photography.

It was December of 2012, when he quit his job and eventually it felt boring so he started visiting different places with photography groups just as a time passing activity. As he was getting familiar with different photographers, he met Mr. Imtiaz Alam Beg at the end of 2013, who inspired him to try photography. As Enamul said that he always uses photography to overcome his frustration and loneliness. He did a few photography courses from Begart Institute of Photography.

He tried to find different meaning our society, captured the weird moments and the unexpected things that happen around us daily. He is currently working in a private organization and on different long term photography projects.

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